Thursday, August 5, 2010

Such a slacker!

My apologies for not keeping in touch. Busy, busy, busy as of late. Kids are amazing..Wyatt popped his first tooth right after 4th of July. Cooper not only speaks in sentences, but in full paragraphs...too cute to hear her tell a story. Jilly has discovered how much she loves to sing and dance. Courtney is just chilling this summer, being a huge help to me with the kids while I 'work'. I have helped my Mom start a business (get ready for a shameless plug). To see part of what's been keeping me from blogging go to . I have become the resident photographer (love it!!!) and have been helping with a lot of the creative for the website. OK, so kids...check, bugandbeanstore....check, oh yeah! I have also become a consultant for the scrapbook company Close To My Heart. So you can see, being a wife, raising 4 kids and trying to get 2 businesses up and running is a little time consuming, but I promise to get caught up!

Love to All