Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time to take a break.

After a six week struggle, I can now officially say that I have hosted my first crop. It was a lot of work, but I was pleased to raise money for the Douglass Community Center where Jilly goes to school now, and Cooper will go next year. I have many stories to get everybody caught up on and will do so soon. Right now I plan on relaxing with my monkeys for the next few days before gearing up for another charity event I have been asked to be part of in mid April! It looks like my little crafty business just might be taking off finally.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Plain Funny!

So the past 2+weeks have been hell on my family, but on Friday Jeff and I came to an understanding that allowed us to get back on the path of being a family again. Needless to say, the kids are happy that Daddy isn't "at work" all the time now, and they are slowly getting back to their normal.

Last night we celebrated Aunt Ginger-beth's birthday with a family dinner of scallops/shrimp alfredo and salad. Sounds so simple, but it was SO delicious! Ginny loves her seafood, so every year for her b-day dinner she gets it! The gilry monkeys helped me make the cake which was butter pecan with cream cheese icing. There was only 1 piece left, that's a record!

Sadly I have no pictures...'someone' (we don't need to mention my name) let the memory card fill up on the camera, so the only pic of the evening I have I had to swipe from Face book. Aunt Amber took this picture with her phone and it sets up the next few stories perfectly.
First funny story happened as soon as we pulled in the driveway. We were all piling out of 'magic van' trying to make sure everyone had everything they needed, and I look up to see Russell looking very confused. He started to shake his head at me, and before I could ask he said "I looked over and thought Courtney was you. It took me second to realize it wasn't you." People keep telling me we look exactly alike, and I can only see it in pictures.
Second funny story happened after dinner, and Jeff had said not 5 minutes earlier that Cooper is a 'mini-mommy'. Which is true, girlfriend goes around picking up after everybody else, and has NO problem telling you when you're doing something worthy of time-out! Well, most everybody was in the living room and Courtney was holding Zee (girl could not be persuaded to put the baby down!) and Zee started fussing. (She was tired, and a little coldy) Out of nowhere Cooper pipes in "Give it to me, NOW!" Cooper thought she was the only one who could stop Baby Zee from crying, again the 'mini-mommy' in her.
It is always great to see the kids together, how well they play, who is taller then who this time. They are at the age where imagination takes over when they are playing and it can be beautiful, or even down right scary. Jilly and Riley were playing and they walked into the kitchen while I was feeding Wyatt. Jilly announces to me "Riley-man is the Daddy, and I'm the Mommy." And I looked at her and thought, hey kid, this is Virginia not West Virginia! It was harmless, but still just a little scary.
There is one more story, but this happened the other day. I was getting ready to vacuum, and both girls pulled out their toy vacuums. I did my thing, went and put mine away and Cooper walked up to me and asked "Mommy, can I have a screwdriver please?" This was interesting..."Coop, why do you need a screwdriver?" *Cooper cops a teenage like attitude with hands and huffs* "Because I have to fix mine vacuum Mommy, it's all out of dirty!" It was too stinking funny, but that's just my little Cooper-Doo, a riot!
That's about all from the last week.