Friday, September 11, 2009

I know...I know

I know I still have to do back to school, but THE cutest thing just happened. I had put Jilly to bed, and she seemed to be staying put, that is until she sneezed. She then proceeded to come down and tell us "When I bless you'd, my froat hurt." It was very hard not to laugh at her, but we all fell out laughing once she went back to bed.

It's always when they are trying to be dead serious that my kids make me laugh the hardest, and I hope it will always be that way.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finished product

This is what family is all about. Getting to spend all day with the kids, watching them be creative, and letting them give Gran-ma the best present in the world, their smiles and gratitude. To me, there is nothing better than spending time with the kids, and letting them be kids and getting to be a part of that.

Happy Birthday Gran-ma, we all love you!

Caught in the moment

I was taking a picture of Jilly putting one of her cut outs onto the cake, and I saw Courtney in the background waiting to help Jilly with the smoothing of her cut outs.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite pictures of Courtney. She has no idea that I'm getting her, and she is just off in her own little world while she waits to help Jilly.
She is so grown up, and not even 13 yet!! Where does the time go?!?

let them eat cake

After getting dinner prepped, Bug and I picked up the other girls, and headed to Gran-ma's house to put together her cake. Gran-ma had an idea in her head of a big cake that all the girls could help decorate with icing, cut outs of shapes, and just make it their own.

All the girls got to put sprinkles on the top tier, which looked like a cupcake, even Cooper got in on the action!

When it came time to ice the cake, we realized just how much like her Daddy Jilly really is! They are both chocolate monsters, but Jilly makes a much cuter monster than Jeff does. (Sorry honey!)

The cutting of the fondant was a trip. Think of cutting out cookies, that's as close an experience as I can think of. Jilly was concentrating very hard, but not cutting very hard. Turns out she had the face, but wasn't pushing hardly at all. That made the faces that much funnier!

Let's Dish

I was telling my Mom about how Courtney and I were going to Let's Dish to put together some dinners for when baby brother arrives, and while going over what we had chosen, she decided that for her b-day dinner it might be nice to try the Sesame Apricot Chicken. So I added more of the chicken to our menu and Courtney and I set out to prepare 8 dinners. For the most part I stood back and let Courtney put everything together, she LOVES to cook, and doing it this way all the prep gets done quickly and easily, with the added bonus of me not having to wash any dishes after!! Not only did Bug put all the dinners together, but she took them to the freezer, and even put them into the coolers when it was time go.

It was a great way to spend 2 whole hours with just my Bug, no distractions, just some Mom (we have decided we are too old to be calling out parents Mommy and Daddy anymore!!) and Bug time. I only wish we could do it more often! Love you Bug!

Party time

Sunny was nice enough to throw us a baby shower for "baby brudder" as Jilly calls him. Courtney was my personal paparazzi (which I think she really loves) and Jilly was my "present time helper". We were joined by friends and family, and had a great time.

Thank you again to all in attendance, baby brother really appreciates not having to wear pink and purple!!

Crab dip

For the baby shower that Sunny threw for us, the girls and I made some crab dip. Just another of the things we get to enjoy as a family.

The show

The only time we are letting Jilly show right now is when Fay has a show at SCF, logistically it is just much easier. Jilly is in the very first class of the day, so she goes in the ring at 9am. This was her second show, and her second blue ribbon. Not that it matters what color she comes out with, she just wants a "pretty" after showing.
Bug and Moose seemed to have an off day. It seems that some ponies do not show well "at home" because they are too familiar with the surroundings, and we think that Moose might just be one of those ponies. Bug did a great job staying on him when he refused a jump and wanted her off. All in all, many good lessons were learned, so it was a great day!

Show prep

Before the last show at SCF, I had both Jilly and Courtney clean their boots, figuring the sooner Jilly learns that there is responsibility involved with riding the better. Again, Bug was great at showing Jilly how things were done.
The funny thing was when Cooper (who LOVES shoes and knew at one year what to do with them) picked up Jilly's boots and started
putting them on. At almost 14 months, this girl is surely going to be our little fashionista...she loves the shoes, and purses. But what she really loves is to be just like the big girls!

Summer crafting

Over the summer the girls and I would sit and enjoy doing crafts. They love to paint, and we were able to find little ceramic ponies (their favorites!) to paint. I love to see Bug instruct Jilly, and of course anything Buggy did Jilly had to do too...right down to the using the same colors. It was very precious.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Before I forget...

The other night Jilly (who has found new and improved stall tactics at bed time) marched herself down stairs after being tucked in. I had my "grumpy Mommy" face on, ready to rebuff any attempts on Jilly's part to stay awake. She hits the bottom of the steps, looks at everybody and asks "...Mommy. Do you see this sock? (me still with "grumpy Mommy" face on) This sock, Mommy...right here in my you see it?!?" And that's where I lost it...although who could blame me? Between the look on her face, and both Jeff and Courtney cracking up, I didn't stand a chance. These are the moments I live for as a Mommy.

Thanks Jills!