Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The home stretch…

So Bingo was fun!  Thanks to Granma and Pop-pop for the assist with the monkeys!  The event went…well it was smoother than the last one.  Seemed to have just as many (if not a few more) people than we did back in the Fall.  The raffle baskets seemed to be a big hit.  Only had 1+ pizzas left.  And not a single person asked for nachos!!! – so take that and shove it Bingo Nazi!!!

Just got back from the first ever Cool Spring Elementary Muffins with Moms.  We had a decent turn out, not as many as had RSVP’d, I’m hearing that a few little ones were too sick for school today.  I figured it was lousy timing with Daylight savings.  I think Jilly was more excited about eating with Granma than she would have been if I had been able to eat with her!  She was showing off her Granma to all her little friends!  Not only did they have a fun breakfast, but Jilly also won a Cabbage Patch Kid in the raffle!  She must think this is the luckiest day of her little life!

Next week we have the basketball game, then Jeff’s birthday, then Spring Break.  Looking forward to grabbing a few minutes of ‘down time’ – you know hanging with the monkeys!



Friday, March 2, 2012

A lull in the action.

March 9th-Bingo

March 13th-1st Muffins with Moms

March 22nd-Faculty vs. Parent vs. Student Basketball game

March 30th-Jeff’s birthday

(Just so you know why I’m not able to post too much in the next month!)

Let’s go oldest to youngest this time, shall we?

Bug-Is really having a blast in High School, and can’t wait for warmer weather to be able to spend all her time out at the barn!

With her now getting to that point in life where it’s not cool to talk to your mom, I don’t find things out as quickly as I use to…I know all part of growing up, but still sucks!

Jilly-Really excelling in Kindergarten, never has a bad thing to say about school (kinda reminds me a another little girl we know….hmmmm) Right now she is learning to tie her shoes, which is an interesting look into her personality.  She is very determined, but also very impatient (I have no idea where she gets that from…!).  We can only practice for a few minutes before the head butting begins, but I try to wrap it up before we get there.

Cooper-Another girly monkey who loves going to school.  Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so in school they have been reading lots of his books, and even ate Green Eggs and Ham on Wednesday.

  Here is only one of the reasons I look to Cooper when having a bad day-she calls him Dr. Soups!  She can say paleontologist, but the author of Cat in the Hat is Dr. Soups…!  Her new favorite saying right now is “That is so a-noxious!” and she does it with this sorta valley girl type attitude, you can’t help but laugh.

Wyatt-Is really enjoying the few hours 3 days a week he get the house to himself, he gets to color what he wants, listen to the music he wants, watch what he wants.  But the boy about tackles each of the girls when he sees them after school.  He’s starting to get a bit more clear when it comes to talking, so the hissy fits over lack of communication (mine more so than his!) are starting to fade.

Me-Just turned in an application and 5 pieces of artwork to see if I can be a teacher at the CTMH Conference in July in Texas.  Been wicked busy with PTA, but the school year is almost over!  I think I have another sinus infection, but that seems to be nothing new. 

Jeff-Well, he doesn’t really like when I share about him, so unless it pertains to anyone else in the family directly, he wants to stay off the radar.


That about wraps it up, busy month ahead PTA wise, kids gearing up for Spring Break, Easter and a visit from Grammy  in the near future.

I will try to get some recent pics up soon…



Friday, February 17, 2012

...so much glitter...

So, Miss Jilly comes flying off the bus today (I thought girlfriend was going to bite it a few times!) and starts with "I got a pencil and a button from school today AND they sparkle!!! To which I respond with "What for?" Her answer " I don't know, but did I tell you they SPARKLE?!?!"

So we get her coat off and book bag hung up, and then she shows me the button and it reads "Student of the Month".

You have to imagine all this *yelling* while she had the biggest, cheesiest $h!t eating grin on her face. Ahhh, the pure innocence of childhood.

She did fill me in later on 2 more pieces of info:
1. Sam (a kid from her class...?) and she will 'be on TV' (I think they get to have a picture taken and get it shown on the morning announcements...?)

2. She got to be student of the month because "I follow the penguin rules ALL.THE.TIME, Mommy!" then she proceeded to roll her eyes at me!

*Sidebar - one of these days when the weather gets warm again and we get to wait outside, I'm going to take a video of Wyatt as the bus pulls around the corner, and how he about tackles Jilly once she's in reach! Boy misses his girly monkeys, but loves the one on one time as well....*


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air...

...no, literally as I type Jeff is on a plane. Fun way to spend Valentine's Day. No, really, no sarcasm. It has been a no pressure kind of day. Well, as much as it can be when doing the Mommy thing on my own still...

Looking forward to getting to be crafty without interruptions once monkeys are in bed. That's about the only up-side to all the travel Jeff's been doing. Goodness knows, there's no perk of a few extra dollars, and all the lies and deception that seem to accompany every trip.

So, yeah, happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In true Cooper fashion....

Jilly studied dinosaurs last week in school, which means all we heard from girly monkeys was "I'm a palentologist...." and all we heard for monkey man was "arrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr" with a dance, of course! That is until last night when Cooper busted out with "Once I'm done being a palentologist when I'm bigger, I'm going to be Santa." And she is serious...and if anyone can do, it's my little Cooper-Doo!


Monday, February 6, 2012

What is it worth to you?

find a cure card

This is a card I did earlier this week to give to one of the preschool teachers that does the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure.  To be honest, I wish I could have donated more, but I did what I could at the time.

And that got me to thinking (…I know, you’re all in trouble when that happens!), what if I made a few sets of these cards and put the profits into making a bigger donation…?

I will be selling them in sets of 5 for $12.50. (That covers my cost of materials plus shipping, and then we get to donate $10.00 for every set sold.)

So if you, or anybody you know would like to support breast cancer research by purchasing a set (or a few sets!) please email me to order.



Sunday, January 1, 2012


My kid loves to bake a cake for homework! Here is her science homework, it is an island that corresponds to a topographical map she had to create as well.  Not only did she get a good grade, but there wasn’t any left…they loved it!





Halloween 2011

Being on an extreme budget this year actually was a good thing this year!  We got the chance to ‘recycle’ 2 costumes from 2 years ago, Cooper wanted to be Princess Jasmine (thank you Jilly!) and by default that made Wyatt the monkey Abu.  Jilly wanted to be a pink butterfly, but for the love of all that is good and holy I could not find pink wings anywhere! Purple-heck yeah, blue-sure enough boss, even a ton of yellow/orange…but no pink!

Thankfully, Granma saved Halloween (for Jilly anyway!) when she spotted a pink snow princess costume! *SCORE!* The teenager wanted to go, mostly to get free candy *smh* and decided to ditch the rest of us and go with friends.  So the 5 of us set out to conquer the Circle…in the 46 degree weather! (Did I forget to mention that it snowed the day before! Not enough to play in, but just enough to make a mess!)


Wyatt was not amused in the least, so he and Jeff bailed early, while the girls and I finished up the rest of the Circle with our next door neighbor Katie.

Not sure if it was the weather, or what, but we did not have nearly as many kids trick-or-treating this year.  Oh well, more for us!


Jilly was a bit disappointed that she did not get to dress up for school this year, but Cooper was over the moon!  She loved the parade around the school…girl loves her school, and her teachers!




Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whoooo is having a birthday?

Courtney almost did not celebrate her birthday this year.  I had been hounding her since the beginning of school to let me know what she wanted to do (party, movies, big, small….) and it came down to the wire.  I had been talking to my mom earlier on the day Courtney finally said anything, and I told my mom “She has until the end of today, otherwise she gets nothing…no cake, no presents, not even going to say Happy Birthday to her!”  (Yes I know, I was being a bit extreme, but there is little in this world that bothers me more than someone else's lack of planning and forethought coming back to bite ME in the ass!)  So she finally said, just a cake-no big deal.

Well, I wanted to make a little deal out of it…so I made her some cupcakes that look like her second favorite animal, owls.


Cooper said they were turkeys…I failed.

But at least I tried to do something special…not like I went to Wegman’s and bought an entire sheet cake and had a picture of a unicorn put on it like her bgf Al did. (Double fail for me, I got upstaged by a store bought cake?!?)

Oh well, good thing I got her an i-pod touch.  At least I got to be cool for a little bit that night.





During the very first week of high school, Courtney was asked to go to the Homecoming dance.  It was hard enough to send her off to high school, but then for THIS?!?

Since she is not much of a girly-girl, she wanted Granma to make her dress so that it would be long yet short enough, and ‘show’ too much.  This is what she looked like.


…and this is what she looked like when she realized ‘yep, my mom is that mom’…


Still not sure why it was shocking to her that instead of just dropping her off at dinner with her friends, that I dropped her at the door, parked the car, strolled right up in there and got a few pictures…does she know me at all?!?