Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The home stretch…

So Bingo was fun!  Thanks to Granma and Pop-pop for the assist with the monkeys!  The event went…well it was smoother than the last one.  Seemed to have just as many (if not a few more) people than we did back in the Fall.  The raffle baskets seemed to be a big hit.  Only had 1+ pizzas left.  And not a single person asked for nachos!!! – so take that and shove it Bingo Nazi!!!

Just got back from the first ever Cool Spring Elementary Muffins with Moms.  We had a decent turn out, not as many as had RSVP’d, I’m hearing that a few little ones were too sick for school today.  I figured it was lousy timing with Daylight savings.  I think Jilly was more excited about eating with Granma than she would have been if I had been able to eat with her!  She was showing off her Granma to all her little friends!  Not only did they have a fun breakfast, but Jilly also won a Cabbage Patch Kid in the raffle!  She must think this is the luckiest day of her little life!

Next week we have the basketball game, then Jeff’s birthday, then Spring Break.  Looking forward to grabbing a few minutes of ‘down time’ – you know hanging with the monkeys!



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