Friday, March 2, 2012

A lull in the action.

March 9th-Bingo

March 13th-1st Muffins with Moms

March 22nd-Faculty vs. Parent vs. Student Basketball game

March 30th-Jeff’s birthday

(Just so you know why I’m not able to post too much in the next month!)

Let’s go oldest to youngest this time, shall we?

Bug-Is really having a blast in High School, and can’t wait for warmer weather to be able to spend all her time out at the barn!

With her now getting to that point in life where it’s not cool to talk to your mom, I don’t find things out as quickly as I use to…I know all part of growing up, but still sucks!

Jilly-Really excelling in Kindergarten, never has a bad thing to say about school (kinda reminds me a another little girl we know….hmmmm) Right now she is learning to tie her shoes, which is an interesting look into her personality.  She is very determined, but also very impatient (I have no idea where she gets that from…!).  We can only practice for a few minutes before the head butting begins, but I try to wrap it up before we get there.

Cooper-Another girly monkey who loves going to school.  Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, so in school they have been reading lots of his books, and even ate Green Eggs and Ham on Wednesday.

  Here is only one of the reasons I look to Cooper when having a bad day-she calls him Dr. Soups!  She can say paleontologist, but the author of Cat in the Hat is Dr. Soups…!  Her new favorite saying right now is “That is so a-noxious!” and she does it with this sorta valley girl type attitude, you can’t help but laugh.

Wyatt-Is really enjoying the few hours 3 days a week he get the house to himself, he gets to color what he wants, listen to the music he wants, watch what he wants.  But the boy about tackles each of the girls when he sees them after school.  He’s starting to get a bit more clear when it comes to talking, so the hissy fits over lack of communication (mine more so than his!) are starting to fade.

Me-Just turned in an application and 5 pieces of artwork to see if I can be a teacher at the CTMH Conference in July in Texas.  Been wicked busy with PTA, but the school year is almost over!  I think I have another sinus infection, but that seems to be nothing new. 

Jeff-Well, he doesn’t really like when I share about him, so unless it pertains to anyone else in the family directly, he wants to stay off the radar.


That about wraps it up, busy month ahead PTA wise, kids gearing up for Spring Break, Easter and a visit from Grammy  in the near future.

I will try to get some recent pics up soon…



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