Friday, February 17, 2012 much glitter...

So, Miss Jilly comes flying off the bus today (I thought girlfriend was going to bite it a few times!) and starts with "I got a pencil and a button from school today AND they sparkle!!! To which I respond with "What for?" Her answer " I don't know, but did I tell you they SPARKLE?!?!"

So we get her coat off and book bag hung up, and then she shows me the button and it reads "Student of the Month".

You have to imagine all this *yelling* while she had the biggest, cheesiest $h!t eating grin on her face. Ahhh, the pure innocence of childhood.

She did fill me in later on 2 more pieces of info:
1. Sam (a kid from her class...?) and she will 'be on TV' (I think they get to have a picture taken and get it shown on the morning announcements...?)

2. She got to be student of the month because "I follow the penguin rules ALL.THE.TIME, Mommy!" then she proceeded to roll her eyes at me!

*Sidebar - one of these days when the weather gets warm again and we get to wait outside, I'm going to take a video of Wyatt as the bus pulls around the corner, and how he about tackles Jilly once she's in reach! Boy misses his girly monkeys, but loves the one on one time as well....*


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