Saturday, October 24, 2009

very sorry

Our computer has been out of commission for almost 3 weeks now...that's why no pics, and all the funny stories go with pics I have, but can't get on here yet!

All are well, growing and sleeping well (the kids that is, not me!), eating me out of house and home!

Love to all, and more posting soon! 8o)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Baby Brudder

This is the delivery that I will remember the LEAST! It all started on Sunday night with contractions that were starting to get more regular. So Monday morning we went to the Birthing Inn and got hooked up to all the monitors, and they even wanted a sonogram. His heart rate was "acceptable", and he was in a good position, but there was not enough change in cervix to keep me there. So back home we went, only for the contractions to keep me in pain. I was up most of the night not able to sleep and just miserable. It got to be about 5:45 am Tuesday morning and I called my Dr. again and asked him what I should do, and he said come on in and we'll see what's going on. By the time we got my Mom here to watch the kids, and stopped at Mickey D's for a quick breakfast and got there it was 6:30 am. Back on the monitors I went, had a nurse check me, and sat there and waited for something to happen. It got to be about 8:30 and they came to check me again. This time they could not feel him engaged at all in the birth canal, so Dr. Foster did another sonogram. Come to find out, he had moved and his head was now off to my left side with his feet over on the right.

And then the 2 words I never thought I was going to hear came out of the Dr.'s mouth "C-section", and then he left the room! I was floored, and had no clue what was going on. Thankfully the nurse and Janine were able to talk to me and calm me down a little. They explained we had to do the C-section because the contractions were getting stronger and closer and it would be bad if my body tried to evict him in this position. So it's now about 9 am, Jeff realized he had to come home for the camera, so he ran to Leesburg, I called Sunny, and they started to get me prepped for surgery.

Jeff made it back to the hospital right before they wanted to take me back, so I got to see him briefly and off I went to the OR. The nurse made a few jokes to try to calm me down while the epidural lady was trying to get my meds going. After the epidural was in, she asked me if I wanted a "little something to help relax"....BIG MISTAKE!! As soon as she put that stuff in the IV I don't remember a thing. All i do remember was being told "10:56, he's here" and then out again until noon in the recovery room. Jeff has told me that the camera wouldn't work in the OR so the first pictures we have are from the nursery.

Hungry little man!

"Hhhmmmm.....Let me get back to you on that, I'm new to all of this!"

Big blue peepers!

Well, the big joke this time around was that I was going to sneeze this kid out, but as Jeff put it "I took this delivery off"!

SCF show part 2

Bug has not been too focused as of late when she rides, so Fay made her a deal. If Courtney was able to focus and concentrate with Moose in the Short Stirrup (jumping 4 fences in a circle very little thought required) then Fay would let Bug ride Zoe later in the day during the Student Hunter (8 jump course...more challenging). They got a first and 2 fourths in the Short Stirrup division, and in Pleasure they got 2 firsts and a second making them the Champion for the division. Fay said that Bug rode beautifully and could ride Zoe later.

After Courtney did her two divisions on Moose she had some time to kill before she got to ride Zoe. We all sat there and were watching Lexi ride a new pony named Grace...and then in the blink of an eye, the unthinkable happened. Lexi had a pretty good fall after a jump and landed face down in the dirt and was not moving! It was all I could do not to loose it seeing my "other oldest daughter" screaming in pain face down in the dirt. Thankfully, Sunny was right there and has the coolest head of anybody I know. All we could do to help as Lexi was put in the ambulance, was to offer to keep Noah while they were in the hospital with Lexi. Hours later we found out that Lexi broke her elbow, her arm AND her wrist when she came off! Poor kid had to be sedated in order to take the x-rays! She was told that all 3 were clean breaks and should be fully healed in 4 weeks.

After the one hour break to take care of Lexi, the show got back under way. In the flat class Bug took second, and in the jumping classes she took fifth both times. She was very proud of herself for remembering the course and not getting disqualified for going off course. When she came out of the ring Fay had a few pointers for Bug, but I can't remember her having a bigger smile and sense of accomplishment in a long time.

Way to go Bug!

SCF show part 1

Sept 13th was the last show of the season out at our barn Sunny's Corner Farm. We had decided that Jilly was too young to show this year, then Bob and Darlene were set to go overseas for work, and we decided that Jilly could do one show this year so Mom-mom and Pop-pop could see her in her very first show. I thought it was something they shouldn't have to miss because of work, little did I know I was creating a monster! Jilly loved showing, and wanted to do the next show Bug went I had to get creative. I told her that Friskey did not like riding on the trailer (big fat lie!) , so she could only show "at home". And I thought I was in the clear, I did not realize how many shows Fay was going to have "at home" and since I promised Jilly she could show... you get the idea. Well, the first 2 shows she did she came in first place in a class of two kids. For this third show, she was the only one entered in the class, which meant she was going to come in first no matter what. She went in there, and did her cute little thing on "her" pony with "Mommy Fay" leading her around the ring, and was happy just to be on "her" pony. (Friskey is the first pony we had bought for Bug, but then she outgrew him and got Moose, and I know it rubs Bug the wrong way when Jilly calls him hers, but Bug understands that sometimes it's easier not to fight...our new family motto (thanks to Sunny) is "do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?" So we let Jilly Bean call Friskey hers, because it doesn't hurt anyone and we all just want to be happy!)

Here is the obligatory "ribbon shot" after Jilly Bean's class...I think this might just be one of my favorite pony pictures we have to date!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back to school

My big 7th grader, it's hard to believe that she is almost 13....where did the time go? Go get 'em honey!

Here is my little "doll-face" as I have been calling her as of late. She could not wait to go to school, it was all we heard about for a month!

Gran-ma was sweet enough to make Jilly her book bag. And Jilly LOVES it, it is covered in hearts and "sprinkles" which is Jilly's way of saying sparkles. Every school day Jilly gets to pack a snack and drink, and she is so funny when she comes home with "mail for you Mommy" which is any thing they have done in school, or a book order sheet...too cute!

Jilly's going to give me a complex!! I swear to you, she was the ONLY kid there that morning that did NOT cry when I dropped her off. As you can from the picture, she was off and playing before she even had the chance to take her book bag off!!
Now when she saw me once I came back to pick her up, then girlfriend started crying. "I don't want to go home, I want to stay at school!" It was WAY worse then if she had a meltdown when I first dropped her off!!

Pre-back to school

Every year I have taken Courtney to get her hair cut the weekend before school starts. Well, since Jilly was going to school this year too, she got hers cut (really just trimmed the banges, but it's all the same to her!). So we went to Landsdown and saw Miss Mandy, and got hair cuts the Monday before school started. We really weren't planning on it, but Cooper had her fist haircut as well....just the banges, but now she can see with out being a shaggy dog!