Saturday, October 3, 2009

SCF show part 1

Sept 13th was the last show of the season out at our barn Sunny's Corner Farm. We had decided that Jilly was too young to show this year, then Bob and Darlene were set to go overseas for work, and we decided that Jilly could do one show this year so Mom-mom and Pop-pop could see her in her very first show. I thought it was something they shouldn't have to miss because of work, little did I know I was creating a monster! Jilly loved showing, and wanted to do the next show Bug went I had to get creative. I told her that Friskey did not like riding on the trailer (big fat lie!) , so she could only show "at home". And I thought I was in the clear, I did not realize how many shows Fay was going to have "at home" and since I promised Jilly she could show... you get the idea. Well, the first 2 shows she did she came in first place in a class of two kids. For this third show, she was the only one entered in the class, which meant she was going to come in first no matter what. She went in there, and did her cute little thing on "her" pony with "Mommy Fay" leading her around the ring, and was happy just to be on "her" pony. (Friskey is the first pony we had bought for Bug, but then she outgrew him and got Moose, and I know it rubs Bug the wrong way when Jilly calls him hers, but Bug understands that sometimes it's easier not to fight...our new family motto (thanks to Sunny) is "do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?" So we let Jilly Bean call Friskey hers, because it doesn't hurt anyone and we all just want to be happy!)

Here is the obligatory "ribbon shot" after Jilly Bean's class...I think this might just be one of my favorite pony pictures we have to date!

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