Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whoooo is having a birthday?

Courtney almost did not celebrate her birthday this year.  I had been hounding her since the beginning of school to let me know what she wanted to do (party, movies, big, small….) and it came down to the wire.  I had been talking to my mom earlier on the day Courtney finally said anything, and I told my mom “She has until the end of today, otherwise she gets nothing…no cake, no presents, not even going to say Happy Birthday to her!”  (Yes I know, I was being a bit extreme, but there is little in this world that bothers me more than someone else's lack of planning and forethought coming back to bite ME in the ass!)  So she finally said, just a cake-no big deal.

Well, I wanted to make a little deal out of it…so I made her some cupcakes that look like her second favorite animal, owls.


Cooper said they were turkeys…I failed.

But at least I tried to do something special…not like I went to Wegman’s and bought an entire sheet cake and had a picture of a unicorn put on it like her bgf Al did. (Double fail for me, I got upstaged by a store bought cake?!?)

Oh well, good thing I got her an i-pod touch.  At least I got to be cool for a little bit that night.




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