Tuesday, September 8, 2009

let them eat cake

After getting dinner prepped, Bug and I picked up the other girls, and headed to Gran-ma's house to put together her cake. Gran-ma had an idea in her head of a big cake that all the girls could help decorate with icing, cut outs of shapes, and just make it their own.

All the girls got to put sprinkles on the top tier, which looked like a cupcake, even Cooper got in on the action!

When it came time to ice the cake, we realized just how much like her Daddy Jilly really is! They are both chocolate monsters, but Jilly makes a much cuter monster than Jeff does. (Sorry honey!)

The cutting of the fondant was a trip. Think of cutting out cookies, that's as close an experience as I can think of. Jilly was concentrating very hard, but not cutting very hard. Turns out she had the face, but wasn't pushing hardly at all. That made the faces that much funnier!

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