Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Truth be told

It has been brought to my attention that most of you do not know why I call my kids my monkeys. Long story short, one of my favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz. As Courtney was growing up, we would watch it all the time (kids have it so much better then we ever did...I had to wait for it to come on TV once a year, Courtney had the DVD!). One day while using Jeff as a human jungle gym, she decided that she was my flying monkey (at 4 I don't think she got the fact that it made me the Wicked Witch) and she was on the attack!

When Jilly came into the picture, Courtney was happy to have another flying monkey in her army. It is so precious to see all the girls gang up on Jeff, and hear Courtney hum the Wicked Witch's theme. Now it is such a joke that anytime we see any kind of monkey it makes us all smile. So please don't take offense to the fact that I refer to the kids as my monkey's, it's not disparaging, it's endearing.

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