Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome Class of 2015

It really is difficult to swallow that Courtney is a Freshman this year!  I fear that if I blink I’m going to miss her graduate!

This year when we took her for her ‘Back to school hair cut’ we opted for a straightening treatment.  (Think a relaxer, usually used on ethnic hair types.)  I have NEVER seen her so eager to take a picture before!  She loves how easy it is now deal with, and how much confidence it has given her.


For awhile now, Courtney has been stopping by Chrissy’s house to pick her up for the bus stop.  Chrissy decided to change things up a bit, at least for the first day!


I am not sure whose idea it was, but Courtney seems to be showing some interest in the Drama Club at school (insert mommy’s happy dance here!) with the stipulation that she never has to be seen on stage.  I just may have a future techie on my hands!

Thankfully most anybody reading this will already be sitting, but so I can say I warned you…make sure you are sitting down.  Courtney.likes.geometry!  I know what you’re thinking, “There is no way she likes a math class!” but thanks to being very adept at visual learning, she has discovered how easy geometry is! (I told her for the last 3 years her day would come, and now it has.)

Courtney is growing into such a caring and empathetic young adult…sure we have our ‘teenager’ moments, but I thank the universe for not making her exactly like me at that age!  I like that we are so similar, it helps us communicate (most times) and I would not change a thing!



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