Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's about time!!!

After a trip to the ER, the primary care, and an Ortho, I finally have an MRI scheduled for my knee. It seems that the insurance company is having me jump through so many hoops just to get it checked out. The Ortho is pretty sure I have torn my ACL and it will need surgery, he wants the MRI to see if it's just a quick little repair, or if I will need to have the ligament replaced entirely.

It is near impossible to get around since I can't put much weight on it, and once Jeff gets home at night I have been taking pain meds. So the loopy-ness of the meds has prevented me from blogging, crafting, and well just plain old making any sense what so ever.

I have tons to post, and will try to get to it early in the day before the searing pain sets in during the afternoon or before I take and meds.


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