Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011


As I said, it has been chaos in this house as of late. Once I realized that we have no chickens to lay eggs, and the grocery fairy is MIA, I ran to the store first thing Saturday morning. Thankfully I had already bought the dye, and basket fixing's.

This year the dying was mostly for the 2 little girly monkeys. Courtney has been growing into the teenager that she is and decided she didn't want to dye first. She said "Would it help you if I dyed eggs for Wyatt?" I think she wanted to be part of things, but just didn't want us to know she wanted it....ahhh teenagers. So 2 dozen eggs were dyed, and no one got any in their hair (which is a first....and in all honesty, it's usually me!)

Since we are not big on the church going, we slept in....and by that I mean it was 7:30. With eggs hidden and baskets waiting to be ransacked, the girls descended the stairs and went crazy looking for their eggs. (Since the mommy screwed up and bought 2 boxes of the same type of dye, we had to use stickers to sort out whose was whose...I always have some sort of unconventional solution in my bag of tricks!)


Wyatt loved finding eggs (I kept most of his right on the floor). But I think he loved chucking them around the house even more!



After all eggs were found, baskets were dumped, candy sorted and toys were being played with we had breakfast. Now only in my house would we decide to have fried egg sandwiches on the one day of the year that we have hard boiled eggs in the house! And it all seemed a little too much for Wyatt who proceeded to take a nap in the play pen the first chance he got.

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