Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My kids crack me up every day! Spring Break has given Courtney the chance to be at the barn most everyday, and even a day full of cleaning tack in the rain was enjoyable for her. We have a tradition when it comes to getting Courtney out to Berryville to ride. The little monkeys and I stop at 7-11 and get a snack. Sometimes it's a hot dog, others they opt for a lunchable, but then we either get apple slices or donuts as well. The girls love the mini powdered Hostess donuts in the bag.

Well, we were there yesterday, and Jilly had her bag in hand and was heading to the counter to pay. There was some sort of District Manager in the store trying to show the Store Manager a few tricks to upsell at the of those tricks was to put some donut holes in a cup and offer them at a bulk rate. He saw the girls with their bag in hand and asked them "Wouldn't you rather have these fresh donuts instead?"

Now most kids would have gone along with this, but not mine! Jilly looked him right in the face and told him "No thank you, I like these." Being a good salesman he tried again "Are you sure, these are some really good donuts?" To which Jilly said "No, I like these ones."

You would think it ended there, but oh no. Still trying to make the sale (and the point to the other manager) he offered the girls a bite "How about you try a bite, then see if you like these too?" Now, when have my kids ever refused a sweet treat...? That's right NEVER. So they each proceeded to pop a donut hole in their mouths.

Thinking he had made the sale, he asked them "So, would you like these now? I can put that bag back for you." And as sweet as could be Jilly said "No thank you, I still would like my powdered ones." Kiddo knows what she likes!

So then I'm sitting there with this manager having opened a container just for my kids that he can't sell now, so I said we'd take them home for Daddy to have for dessert. And without any hesitation in the least he says to me "Oh no you won't honey. I'm buying those for your kids, you make sure they enjoy them...after they finish the powdered bag!"

The man would NOT let me pay for them. I'll grant you we are talking about a whopping $1.29, but it is the kindness he showed to my kids that made me think to myself Why can't we all be a little more like that? A little more about others and less about what we stand to get out of the way we treat others?

As I was getting the kids in the van he tapped me on the shoulder and said to me "The only reason I did that was because your kids have some of the most beautiful manners I have seen in a long time. You seem to have your hands full, but I applaud you for teaching your kids how to be polite." This totally floored me! All I could do was thank him for his kind words.

It is nice to be appreciated in the moment for the things I teach my kids, cause goodness knows it won't happen again until they have kids of their own!

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