Sunday, April 3, 2011


I would love to be able to sit here and write about the seemingly 100 things my monkeys have been up to recently, but sadly I do not have the time. So you'll have to just deal with a quick recap. Yesterday, Jilly and Courtney got to go out and ride their ponies, they had a great time. Many thanks to Gran-ma and Pop-pop for taking them! About a month ago on our way home from one of Courtney's dressage shows, we stopped in a 7-11 real quick for lunch. We had some hot dogs, but little did I know what we were starting! Both Cooper and Jilly now think that "11 and 11" is an actual restaurant and we MUST stop there every time we go to the barn now! Thankfully, it's not expensive to stop in for a snack of even to gather supplies for a "Magic van picnic". Wyatt had his 18 month check up, and boy is growing like a weed. Nothing to worry about, right on track for his age in every way. Cooper has had some recent success on the 'big girl potty', she's getting the hang of it. All little Missy wants to do is go to school, read, play board's hard sometimes to keep her challenged. She's not even 3 yet, but has a better mental capacity then some of the 4 and 5 year olds we know! Boy oh boy, are we going to be in trouble!! Miss Jilly can't wait to go to kindergarten next year....mostly due to the fact that she gets to ride the bus. She knows her phone #, address, birthday, but most of all she is learning that when she uses her "Princess manners" she gets a more favorable result. Courtney is gearing up for high school. (Damn, that is SO hard to believe!) She is on the honor roll, keeping up with a difficult school schedule, and still getting out to ride 3 times a week. She's looking forward to the warmer weather so she can spend more time with the ponies. Jeff....well he's not doing too much that warrants any conversation. As for me, I have been wicked busy gearing up BugnBean for the show season to start up again. (I have to say, how I never went into 'marketing' as a profession is sometimes beyond me!) I also just held my first charity event to benefit Jilly's preschool, and I have been asked to be a guest at another charity event on April 10th. I have made the plunge after many months of debating to open an online store to be able to sell some of my creations ( and I am hoping it will take off. We are looking forward to a visit from Grammy, Spring Break, and Easter, this month. It is getting close to the end of the school year, so Courtney is looking forward to the class trip to Hershey Park, and summer vacation. I say bring on the heat (so I can hang by the pool) and bring on the good times of horse shows, playground play dates, and family picnics! Love!

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