Saturday, May 9, 2009

Uncle Bubba's B-day

Tonight we went out to see Russell and Amber's new house, and it is beautiful. Russell made us all a wonderful dinner...beef wellington, great potatoes, green was great! We sat out on the deck in the nice weather, the kids played (nicely for the most part!), we did cake and presents (we also did mother's day for Gran-ma). I think the highlight of the night was when Jilly realised that now that Uncle Bubba had his birthday, hers is close to follow. But she made it know that "All I want is a card, I don't need anything else." Now keep in mind that for the last month (at least) every time she turns around you hear "Can I have that for my Happy Birthday, please?" It's all because she heard uncle Bubba tell me that yesterday when he was here to fix my stove. It just blows my mind the things she retains and repeats (and correctly), it also scares me a little how quickly she picks things up.

Here's looking forward to Jilly's Happy Birthday, she's going to be in her first horse show that weekend as well. It should be fun!

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