Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surprise, surprise...we're riding

The weekend of Martin Luther King's birthday we had great weather so we headed out to the barn. Everyone was there, and we had spent a good 2 hours riding and hanging out in the gorgeous weather. Courtney went off to ride with some of the other barn girls, so we didn't get any pictures of her this time. Here's how the day started.

Again, these two could not be sweeter together. They shared and took turns riding, and were just fabulous to be around.

Cooper looks so at home in the saddle.

Cooper and Jilly sharing a ride, and Cooper loving on Friskey Whiskers.

Jilly helping lead Cooper around. It amazes me that somehow I was blessed with kids with kind, compassionate, big hearts.

Even Pop-pop got in on the action and led Jilly around for a while. The kids love spending time out at the barn, and love it even more when Gran-ma and Pop-pop are with them.

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