Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aunt Amber's and Grammy's birthdays

We went up to Winchester last night to help Aunt Amber celebrate her birthday. Since the birthday person (or 'happy birthday girl' as Cooper was calling her last night) gets to choose the menu for the traditional birthday dinner, we had Popeye's chicken. It was a great choice on Amber's part because all 3 little ones ate 'with no fighting' as we like to say.

Uncle Bubba, who is a wonderful chef but hates to bake, made a very delicious cake for everyone to enjoy. The kids played, the adults chatted and passed around Baby Zee. We took a picture of all the kids so that I could make a present for Grammy's 75th birthday which is next week. I also took a video of everybody singing Happy Birthday that Aunt Joanie is going to show Grammy on their lunch date next weekend.

The most heart warming part of the night to me came when I had Missy Zee laying in my lap. Wyatt walked right up to me, looked at the Baby, looked me in the face, and then it happened...! He layed his little head down (that's how he gives hugs) and started humming to her. Then he just walked away, but he kept coming back and 'loving on the Baby'. It didn't matter who was holding Zee, if you asked Wyatt "Where's the Baby?" he would go over and 'hug' her. It was so precious, every time he would do it, the whole room would "Awwwww".

To say that this weekend has been difficult on me would be an understatement, but I'll save that for later.

Happy birthday Amber and Grammy. We love you!

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