Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Just hang in there..."

...if I have to hear that one more time, I'm going to lose what's left of my sanity. The funny thing about kids (well my kids anyway) they are either like a seam ripper or they are like crazy glue. Let me explain.

Kids test their boundaries, our patience as parents, and there are times when they can say just one simple sentence and devastates you (seam ripper). Or they can bring you the greatest joy imaginable with an unprovoked hug, or a 'just because' kiss (this picks up a few pieces of the broken heart and 'crazy glues' them back into place). And even though I did the single mom thing while Jeff was in Africa, this is much different, and I truly think the monkeys can feel it. They have been themselves, bouncing off the walls one second, and snuggling with me or each other the next. Being 'super good listeners' followed by me wondering when did they go deaf?

(By my calculations, roughly 216 hours have passed since Jeff and I decided we needed to be apart for awhile. In that time I have slept approximately 18 of those hours. So please forgive me if I make no sense to you, it all makes perfect sense to me.)

We were told we'd be getting a 'light wintry mix' starting sometime on Tuesday...that changed to a forecast of 6-8 inches of snow starting Monday. I did not get that info until dinner time on Monday, so I had to rely on Courtney. The monkeys all ate dinner, we played, did the whole bedtime routine and I layed the 3 little ones down. I left Courtney 'in charge' while I ran to Target for the basics. She had no problem, they all stayed asleep, and then she got bored. While I was out she decided to (....wait for it.....) straighten up the living room AND fold laundry (GASP! and I didn't even have to ask her to do it.)! For a 14 year old to pass up the chance to grab the computer and decide to help just goes to show me that the way I choose to parent is the right way for what we would like or kids to be.
So I get home from Target, she's holding the door while bring bags in. When I left (I was gone for maybe a half hour) it was raining, but by the time I hit the parking lot again it was a sheet of ice. Literally, you could skate to your car. So I told her I was going to put some icy-melty stuff down so the 6-8 inches of snow that was supposed to fall would be easier to shovel in the morning. There I am sprinkling this stuff over the sidewalk and driveway, and then it happened. Well, I'm not really sure how it happened, bottom line I lost my balance and slipped on some ice and hurt my wrist pretty badly.

It is now Thursday, and I still have no idea if it is broken. All I know for sure is that it hurts like hell, and is about 6 different shades of purple right now!

This is just going to have be one of those things I have to get over. "It'll be OK, just hang in there!"

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