Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Report Card Update

Courtney came home on Friday with her report card (sorry, we've been having computer issues AGAIN!) and I was in utter shock! She somehow managed to pull her C in Algebra up to a B. But wait...there's more! Girlfriend got an A on her exam. You read it right, an A on the exam she and her daddy spent the better part of 4 days studying for! She came home and told me that she now sees how easy it can be to understand when you break it down into small pieces. (I really do love when I hear my own words spoken back to me, she may not have gotten it at first but she does now!) Since she had fallen in love with the texting (my evil plan worked!) she was relieved that she could keep it.

Courtney is making drastic improvments in her riding. It was a drastic change for her to start Dressage, but she is much happier now. She is having a blast despite the freezing weather.

The rest of the little monkeys are all doing great. Jilly helped me make the Valentine's for her preschool. Both the little girls have fallen in love with the Color Wonder line of products from Crayola. Those two can sit for hours and color sharing the markers and books. And all 6 of us have a blast almost every single night before bedtime with the game Just Dance. Even Wyatt gets 'his groove on'. They all have different songs that they love, but thankfully there isn't any fighting...we all take turns picking the next song.

On a sadder note, in the wee hours of the morning after the Super Bowl both our cars were broken into. It makes me feel a tiny bit safer that the whole neighborhood got hit, and we weren't choosen at random. This comes just a few months after a friend of mine who also lives on our street had their minivan stolen right out of their driveway...car seats and all! We have wanted to move for sometime now, but with the way the housing market went our house isn't worth the mortgage on it. So for now, we get to pretend we no longer live in a sleepy little town, but rather in the ghetto. There's always an adventure to be had around here!


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