Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Footnote to Jilly's 5th Birthday

I happen to believe that those who have left this Earth still communicate with us. Five years ago when we were blessed with Jilly-Bean, I was outside on the back porch the night we came back from the hospital and was amazed at the amount of lightning bugs/fireflies/June bugs that were in the trees. So every year I look forward to being wowed...and every year I have been disappointed. And then it hit me this year. All the 'lights in the night sky' was the doing of my grandmother, Nana (with Pop-pop by her side) letting us know that she had her hand in bringing Jilly to us. Jillian was one of the few names Jeff and I could agree on, and was the name of my grandparents oldest daughter who passed away from SIDS. We wanted to honor our grandmothers with Jilly's middle name Grayce. Grace was my Nana's name, and Gray was Jeff's grandmothers maiden name.

I'm sitting here tonight, wondering where my 'night lights' are wishing I had the counsel of the woman from whom Jilly gets so much more than a name. I just hope I can do the Little Miss justice.


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