Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preschool Graduation 2011

Jilly had another fantastic year at preschool.  She made a few new friends, but mostly enjoyed paling around with the same friends she made last year. The class is only 15 kids, last year Jilly was one of only five girls, this year there were six.  I love that she was able to become friends with these girls, and can only hope that since none of them will be in the same schools next year, that we can keep in touch with them and still have fun.


Here are Brooke, Sarah, and Jilly.  They were inseparable  when it came to drop off time. 


Here is Nicolas, Jilly’s ‘boyfriend’.  Jilly is enamored with Nicolas, but I think she loves his Mom even more!  Jilly will run to Nicolas’ Mom and give her huge hugs and tell her how pretty she is.  It is too cute!


The kids are getting ready to start their program. The boy to the right of Jilly is Reese.  Thankfully for Nicolas, Reese is more enamored with Wyatt.  Everyday Reese has hugs and kisses and tickles for him.  Reese has a younger brother, Quinn, that will be in the same class as Cooper at the preschool next year.


Here is Jilly and Mrs. P. getting ready for her solo.  Jilly chose to sing a song they sang for the winter concert.  She was loud, mostly in tune, and did the little dance to boot.  I really think Little Miss Jilly will follow Mommy’s footsteps and be a ‘drama geek’ as she gets older.


Mrs. P, Jilly and Mrs. Janda after before we headed out to the playground for the picnic. 


Mr. Jamie giving Jilly her purple bear with a graduation cap.


We have been truly blessed by the teachers and staff at the Douglass Community Center preschool. They have been witness to many milestones, and great guides and role models, and not just for Jilly but for all of us!



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