Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jilly’s 5th Birthday

*Please be advised that we have been experiencing major issues with our camera since the trip to the National Zoo in late April.*

This is the last year that I will be able to take a picture of Jilly on her birthday at the exact time she was born since she will be in Kindergarten next year. 028

We usually try to keep birthday ‘parties’ to the weekend, but this gets very tricky with Jilly being born so close to Memorial Day weekend.  Jilly asked to go to Chuck E Cheese for her birthday, so that’s what we did.  The kids ran around, played games, rode rides, ate pizza and cake, and had a blast.


They all had so much fun, and seeing as how it was almost deserted on a Tuesday night, we will most likely be going back for Cooper’s Birthday in July.


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