Monday, June 27, 2011

Nothin' New

No new pics yet. :0( But let's do this youngest to oldest...

Wyatt- Oh my little monkey man! The boy is going to be 10 before he eats a complete meal of 'real food'. He will eat real fruit, loves raw or cooked green beans, and (shocker) loves to eat Ho-Ho's! But when it comes to things like noodles, rice, or meats you would think someone was trying to kill him with the epic fit he can pitch! Cute, but frustrating for the cook. He loves to dance, run, play ball, look adorable, and especially loves to torment all the girly monkeys every chance he gets.

Cooper- Making such great progress with the potty training. Girl has a vocab that can only be described as amazing. And when she tries to tell you a story, or ask you a question the looks she can give will drop you to your knees in instant laughter.

Cute Cooper story-We were at CVS picking up a prescription and the clerk asked for the phone number. Since Jilly knows it she started spitting it out. Not to be out done, Cooper gave her version: six, six, six (pause) six, six, six (pause) six, six, six. It was ridiculously funny, so much so that even the clerk was in stitches. Girl scares me sometimes!

Jilly-Not to much to report here. Still the little ham, loves to sing, dance, and be the ring leader.

Courtney-Has turned into quite the little social butterfly as of late. I think the record for days at home without having someone spend the night or going to someone else's house to spend the night is currently 4. She's still riding, hoping to get back into the hunter shows. She didn't really care for the dressage shows, but is putting a lot of the things she has learned to good use with Moose. Happy to report she made the honor roll for the entire time she was in middle school. Best part...she finished Algebra I with a year long average of an A-! Her hard work is paying off, and she is beginning to see for herself how good it feels to put in your best effort and see things through to the end. We could not be more proud of her!

Me-Found out today that my Ortho is retiring the end of this month, which leads me to believe that he choose not to do something proactive about my knee. I'm to the point, it is what it is and until it decides to flair up again I'm just going to do the best I can and push though each day as best I can. I have gotten some of my products from Chrissy Curtis Crafts in a local retail shop. I will find out next week how well the first round of items sold. BugnBean will be at another show on the 9th of July with new product in tow. I think some of the improvements we have made are going to make the horse world stand up and take notice.

Jeff-Has been enjoying his Father's Day present along with the kids almost every single night. We gave him the NFL Training Camp game for the Wii, and it has a 60 day challenge that he really enjoys. He told me this morning that in the last week he has lost 5 lbs. The best part is when all the kids get up there with him and start doing the drills. I'm going to take some video of it tomorrow night. it is so precious.

As we do every year at this time, we are getting geared up for our 4th of July picnic and firework viewing. Lots of cooking and baking and crafting to be done before Monday. Good news is the camera is fixed so I will have plenty of pics of the whole event.

Well, that about does it for us.


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