Friday, January 23, 2009

A family tradition.

My Pop-pop made a wonderful cheesecake from a recipie that was his mother's that she brought over from Germany. Everyone in my family has tried to make this cheesecake since he passed away in '97, and for the first 10 years, I was the only one who could make this cheesecake.
Then I started to let Courtney help me. Last year for Jeff's birthday in March, she made about 90% of one on her own (she asked me do stiffen and fold the egg whites, a little over her head then). So when Amber asked for a cheesecake for her birthday dinner, Courtney and I said sure...little did we know that Jilly wanted in on the action. Usually, I have no problem letting the kids help with the cooking, but this is a pretty complex recipie, so instead I got a little creative. Jilly got her own bowl that she got to keep on her level, and every time Bug added an ingredient Jilly did too...only all of Jilly's ingredient's were flour. She got to measure, and pour, and stir, but I did not have to worry about the final outcome. It was a great way for Courtney and I to be able to initiate Jilly into our special little circle.

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