Friday, January 30, 2009

Spoiled children

So the kids are sharing pretzel fish for a snack after lunch. There is one zippy bag and they get to take turns holding the bag and doling out the fish. I'm not sure which one started it, but some how the one with the bag has to feed the one not holding the bag. The things these kids come up with crack me up!

I am really impressed that after 3 days of being together (and under "Hitler's" watchful eye no less) these two kids have not been in time out once. There has been no hitting, no sharing issues that couldn't be resolved, no real meltdowns (unless you count Jilly when she saw Uncle Bubba yesterday, she knew when he got here it was time for Riley-man to go home), they have eaten good meals with very little coaxing. I makes me so happy that these two may be cousins, but they can get along as well as siblings, and hopefully will for the rest of their lives. There is even talk of this being a more permanent once-a-week's to hoping!

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