Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun loving Friday Night

We typically have a standing date for Courtney to go ride Moose and then stay out at the barn and hang out with Sunny and Mikey. This week, Sunny and Mikey were busy so we decided to be oh so adventurous and as a family go and get our hair cut tonight. The girls and I met Jeff in Landsdowne because heaven forbid that Miss Mandy does not cut Jilly's hair!

Jeff has been seeing Mandy now for about four years, and has always raved about how she never cuts it too short, and she's so sweet, and she always asks about how us girls are doing. So when it was (finally) time to get Jilly's cut we took her to see Miss Mandy, I'm not sure who fell in love first. Jilly sat so still and was (thankfully) her cute little self, and has Miss Mandy wrapped around her finger. Mandy loves to cut her hair, because she does sit so nicely and smiles, and Mandy loves all the hugs and kisses that comes with Jilly. It's no wonder that girl walked out of there with 2 lollipops and 6 clippies.

Courtney's no slouch in the freebie department either. When she told Mandy that she just wanted a trim because she wants to donate her hair to "Locks of Love" once it is long enough, she ended up getting her hair straightened for free!

Jeff got yelled at for letting his get so long, and Mandy almost cussed me because mine is so thick that it took forever to cut. All-in-all, it was a fun night, and hopefully we will be able to get out of the house and enjoy the nicer weather in store for us on Sunday.

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