Sunday, January 25, 2009

Iron Chef

Part two of the birthday party day, Courtney and I went to Gram ma's house for a bake off, while Jeff had the ittie bittie's for a nap at home. Aunt Amber requested a veggie lasagna for her b-day dinner. With some of us not being big veggie fans, the decision was made to make a second lasagna with all the "regular" ingredients.
Courtney has the cooking helper for her Nintendo DS which had a recipe for a veggie lasagna on it, so the challenge was made. My Mom was going to make the regular one, and Bug was going to do the veggie one. Only problem was trying to come up with a fair way of judging it. Then it hit us...Ginny! But when asked which one she liked best, her answer was "Both". But we all had a great time watching her dice, chop, saute, slice, and even make her very own beshumel sauce.
My Dad who claims to be "allergic" to all things veggie, had 2 yes I said TWO pieces of Bugs lasagna. She's going to make some man very fat..ummmmm I mean happy one day with her cooking!

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