Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi Nana

Is there anything prettier then a brilliant red cardinal sitting in a snow covered tree? In our house, when the kids spot a cardinal they say "Hi, Nana." And the story there is that my Grandmother (Nana) loved cardinals. Courtney was 4 1/2 when she passed and when we would see any cardinals we would say hi to Nana. Courtney has a picture frame that she decorated with some cardinal stickers that has a picture of Nana in it in her room, and she shows it to Jilly all the time when the two of them are up there playing, so Jilly has learned to associate cardinals with Nana. And it still touches me evry time when one of the kids will be at the back door and say "Hi Nana", but this morning it was much funnier. Jilly got mad "Mommy, squirrel chase Nana, not nice squirrel, not nice!" Hopefully with the chance of more snow in the next few days I can get a good shot of "Nana" in one of our trees in the back yard.

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