Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beans 1st show

On Memorial Day, Fay held a show out at Sunny's Corner Farm. I thought it would be a great idea for Jilly to be in her first show that day for a couple of reasons. First, it was "at home" to make her and Friskey a little more comfortable. Second, with Grammy being in town already, I thought it would be wonderful for her to see her
Great-granddaughter's first horse show. Third, I did not want Bob and Darlene to miss this first in Jilly's life. So we got all dolled up, got the pony ready and headed down to the ring.
Fay was nice enough to lead Jilly in the show, and Jilly had an absolute blast! She sat up "tall and pretty, just like Buggy" and walked her "Friskey Whiskers" around. Before the judge made her final decision, she asked both the girls in the class a question about their ponies. The judge asked Jilly "What do you hold onto to steer your pony?" And Jilly told her "my reins", the judge was very happy, and said "thank you" to which Jilly replied "Oh, you're welcome". It touched my heart to hear Fay
tell me how nice and respectful Jilly was to the judge.
When it was all said and done, Jilly walked out of the ring with a first place ribbon, but more importantly a smile ear to ear. All of us adults understood that this was going to be her only show this year, but she has other plans. At Courtney's next lesson, Jilly said "I show again with Buggy?" And I started to explain that it was going to be next year...but she didn't get that, so I had to tell her "Friskey Whiskers is scared of the trailer, so he can only show if Fay does another show here at home." So, we'll see how long it will last.

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