Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lessons learned

Courtney had a horse show on Saturday the 23rd of May at Fox Chase Farm in Middleburg. She learned 3 very valuable lessons that day. One: Always listen to your trainer...she really does know best. Two:Sometimes a judge just doesn't like your pony. And three: You get a new slate after each class (well, you're supposed to...).

Had Courtney listened to Fay about her position in the ring, maybe (doubtfully though) things may have been a little different.

The judge she had was very new to judging, and it was obvious. She had her favorites picked out before they even began moving, and even when one girl could not control her pony (it took off, and she almost ran over someone else) and Bug still didn't get noticed. After not pinning in the pleasure class (a first on Moose, Bug has always at least received a 6th place in a large field in one of the three classes) Bug and Moose went in for the flat for the Short Stirrup class. Fay came over to us as the results of the class were being announced, and in her opinion Bug should have gotten about a 4th place, but again the judge had her favorites and no matter how good others were the favorites were on top. At Fay's suggestion, Bug and Moose did not even do the other 2 jump classes.

On the way back to the barn I asked Courtney why when she does not pin well in the very first class, does she start to fight with Moose and give him attitude? And she told me "Well, if we don't do well in the first class, then we won't do well all day." After a few more questions I finally figured out what she was trying to say. Poor kid thought that what she did in one class carried over to all the other classes. She did not realize that once you leave the ring and a class is over, it's over and you get the slate wiped clean and get to start over. (The things kids think about!)

Now that Courtney gets that she can shake off a bad class and come back even stronger in the next class, I think we are going to see a whole new Courtney and Moose Man.

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