Saturday, June 13, 2009

quick update

Cooper is ready to walk, she can take a few steps at a time and then...BOOM on her butt, too cute. She also loves to play peek-a-boo with anyone she can see. She will give you kisses, "lovie dovies" (really just hugs, but Jilly loves to say it to Cooper) and give you fives. To me what is most impressive about Cooper right now is that you can ask her "Where's your Binky?" and she will say to you "Binky" and start looking for it. Not only can she recognize the object, but she can say it too!

Jilly is...well, just Jilly. Too damn cute for words one minute, and then she turns right around and is infuriating. I wouldn't have it any other way...well maybe more cute and less frustrating, but that's parenting for ya! She is looking forward to the summer and being able to ride her Friskey Whiskers more (especially now with the Diego saddle pad that Gran-ma just made for her!). The other day she had convinced herself that her Riley Man was coming over to play with her. After almost an hour, I finally had to tell her that I would talk to Aunt Amber about Riley Man coming over for a day to play sometime soon. (Reminds me, I have to call Amber about that!)

Bug is really excited to have only one week left of 6th grade, and now we are faced with what to reward her with for getting on the honor roll for the whole year. (So not a fun conversation when us parents can't even agree on what any of the ideas should be!) Hopefully we can do/get her something nice for working so hard all year long.

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