Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bit of a scare

Also on the 26th of May, we had a sonogram. With in 2 minutes, we were told that we'd be having a son (a HUGE shock to me at least...I was convinced that I could only have girls, and was FINE with that! I mean I have pink, purple, and Barbies coming out my ears!!).

Later that night, the Dr. called and asked if I could come back for some more measurments. Apparently, both the tech and the Dr. overlooked something, and wanted me to come back on Thursday. I went back, with my heart in my throat, only for it to be nothing. The Dr. remeasured, and got numbers that he was happy with, and all is well.

(Not even out yet, and this little guy is trying to give me heart attacks!!)

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