Monday, June 1, 2009

Party time

Even though it was over a week early, Jilly had a birthday bar-b-que at Aunt Sara and Uncle Billy's house. We celebrated early so Aunt Dot and Paul, Barb and Ryan could be there with us to have some fun. Everybody enjoyed the food, Jilly loved all her presents (some more then others...details to follow) and had a great time playing in the back yard with "Blakey" (why she decided to start calling him the is a mystery to all!)

As for the presents, she had been asking for one of the little dinosaur friends for over 2 months. She loves playing with it, and likes to take care of it like it were real. "Baby Dino has to eat now Mommy...Baby Dino has to go potty Mommy" it really is something else.

She also fell in love with a little stuffed white horse (go figure, my kid loves a horse?!?)

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