Monday, March 9, 2009

First ride

Beautiful weather means only one thing in this family...a trip to the pony barn! The great thing that made this different from just another day at the barn...our Riley-man got to come out and play with us too! At first Riley didn't want to get on Friskey Whiskers, but before long both he and Jilly were up in the saddle having a great time in the indoor ring. Then we walked down to the outdoor ring, and Jilly gave Riley a chance to ride on his own (well with out her on I should say). After a few minutes of trying to get some pics Riley says to me "Auntie Chris, I am done with this pony." And with that he tossed the reigns up Friskey's neck and wanted off. I found it cute that he knew what he wanted, and without a hissy-fit told us what he wanted, and was then off to play with Jilly.

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