Sunday, March 1, 2009

A good day

At the horse show this weekend, we had a good day despite the fact that it was 40 degrees outside. It came down to the wire during pleasure. She pinned 2nd in the first class, then flip-flopped in the second class with the girl who took 1st before. So going into the last class of the division, they were tied. It all came down to the walk-trot-canter class. Bug and Moose did great, and pulled it out. They took second in that class, and that was enough to make them Champions for the division. Bug was very pleased with their performance, as were the rest of us.

When it came to Short Stirrup, they took first in the flat class, and had a very good warm-up jump class. When it came time for the judged jump rounds there were a few issues. He broke stride coming out of one of the jumps, and he was so tired that he wasn't paying attention to much, but Buggy was. She was trying to count strides between the jumps and Moose wasn't too interested in listening. The absolute best part of the day was when bug was all done, came out of the ring and Fay had a few things to say to her. It was along the lines of "You're not going to pin, but that was some of the best riding I've seen you do since you came here. You were thinking in the saddle, and it was really good." We love Fay...she made Courtney feel good when it was hard for Courtney to see how well she had done.

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