Thursday, March 26, 2009

new pic

Well, for those of you who didn't already is pic of our newest. Due date is Oct 4th, which we all know to mean mid-Sept! So far so good, a possible concern about the cervix not being completely closed. Heart rate was 168, which Sunny will tell you means nothing, but for us the first heart rate has always been in the upper 160's and as you all know we have all girls! I really hope it's another girl (I have pink and purple coming out my ears, and don't relish the idea of an entire new wardrobe...I strongly believe in hand-me-downs!) even though Sunny wants a boy. Jeff doesn't have much of an opinion (go figure, either way he's still going to be sorely out numbered!) We are just happy that things are going well this time.


  1. congrat girl- and don't post about this too much- it'll give me the baby bug- oh, but i so want to have 4:)