Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New family member

OK, don't get your undies in a bunch....I'm talking about a squirrel that the kids have named George/Frank. (Courtney calls him one thing and Jilly calls him the other.) There is a squirrel that has found his way into our shed, and from time to time scratches on the wall that connects the shed to the house. This hasn't been going on very long, and he usually does it when the kids are napping...until yesterday. He decided to start making noise while the power was out, and Jilly's first reaction was "What's that noise?!?" Courtney told her it was our squirrel George in the shed. To which Jilly said "I don't like that noise, Baby Cooper doesn't like that noise, and my Jasmine panties don't like it either!" Jeff, Courtney and I were all in stitches, mostly because Jilly was very serious about how the "three" of them did not like that noise. Then Jilly tried to say George, but told us "I can't say that word." That's when we decided that his name can also be Frank.

What the kids don't know is his real name...Fuzzy Rat! Did I not mention that I hate squirrels?

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