Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Hero

Over this weekend our barn is hosting a Dressage Clinic, and with the influx of horses some of the horses/ponies that live there are living out in the field for the weekend. No big deal, right? WRONG!! Jilly has gotten use to giving out cookies (and sometimes special treats from home) to Friskey, Moose, "Old" Chester, "Boyfriend" Zeb, and New Chester. Well, these are some of the horses/ponies that get to camp out for the weekend. Friskey loves bread, and "Boyfriend" Zeb loves bananas. And wouldn't you know all of them were already out when got there on Thursday.

We went to the field and were able to give Friskey, Moose, and "Old" Chester some cookies, but Jilly had brought "boyfriend" a banana. I had just about had Jilly talked into letting Courtney and Lexi give Zeb his banana (there was NO WAY mommy was walking close to 150 yards carrying Cooper just to get there, hopefully be able to give him a banana and walk 150 yards back).

Just then Mr. Mikey told us that Zeb was in the small barn, also about a walk of 150 yards, but he was in a stall, and we could drive. So that's what we did...we all got in the magic van and drove over, and sure enough there was Zebby with his head hanging out of the stall. I got Jilly out, and she was so excited to be able to give him his banana.

The whole 45 minute ride home, all I heard was "I love Mr. Mikey, he's my super hero!" It doesn't take much to make her happy, and it was so worth it to see her give him his treat, and then to hear how much she appreciated Mr. Mikey was the icing on the cake!

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