Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where's Buggy?!?

Courtney has been sleeping over at Lexi's (aka the barn) and for the past 2 mornings as soon as Jilly wakes up she goes into Courtney's room to get her up. Courtney had a loft bed and Jilly stands no chance of being able to see if Courtney is in bed. So she just stands there and (nicely at first) starts to tell Courtney that it's time to come down for breakfast. Well, Jilly got so frustrated this morning that she actually started to bang on the wall, then she came down almost in tears and told me "Buggy's not whistling (that's how listening comes out of her mouth) to me Mommy, she won't come for breakfast time!" It was all I could to not to laugh at her while I explained that Buggy had a sleep over with Lexi again. To which Jilly replied " She needs to come home so she can take care of her aminals." Jilly was more concerned with all of Courtney's stuffed animals than the fact that Courtney wasn't here to play with her. I love the way the 3 year old mind works!

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