Friday, July 17, 2009

Sandstone Show

Thankfully after having so much fun with a bigger jump course, Courtney went back to the Short Stirrup and was able to come home with the Reserve Champion. She and Moose also took Champion in the pleasure division. I was so worried that with moving up for the Warrenton show, Courtney would end up bored and not want to show or not pay as much attention on the smaller course. I think that she has come to the (grown up) realization that she only has to do the little course until Finals in November then due to her age she has to move up. She told me the other day "I think Moose and I need a little more time in Short Stirrup so we can talk (I really think she meant communicate) better and do the best job we can do. We need the practice." It astonishes me how grown up and mature she can be...sometimes more so then some of the adults I know!

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