Saturday, July 11, 2009

Warrenton Pony show

We were not ready for the amount of people at this show for the division that Courtney was in. She did a great job jumping 8 fences again, and she did 2 divisions with the same jump course that day. The first division only had 12 riders, that is a class size we were all use to. In the second division however there were 27 riders, 3 of which were our girls Courtney, Carlee, and Bella. They all did a wonderful job, Carlee received a 2nd place ribbon in the flat class, and Courtney got a 7th place in one of the jump classes. Out of a field that big, both girls realised how well they must have ridden in order to place out of 27 riders.

Congrats kiddos!

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