Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Too much time in the magic van

For those of you who don't know, the mini-van (or magic van as it is called around here) has a DVD player. Thankfully, both Courtney and Jilly love 2 movies...Spirit and Lilo & Stitch. For the most part Spirit is in, but when Mommy gets tired of it I can usually talk Jilly into watching Lilo. Well, Jilly has cracked us up the past few days. She will just start reciting lines from the movie at random when she is in the house, or out and about. You have to really know the movie to get why the lines she picked are funny, but she wanders around the house yelling (as I said at odd intervals) "Tricky fish...TRICKY FISH!" or "all we had was stinky TUNA!" She puts so much inflection into it, that all of us about die laughing!

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