Monday, July 27, 2009

how quickly plans can change

I was sitting here earlier today, half way through my last blog, all ready to spend some time getting all caught up, but then Jeff called from baseball. His game was in Reston today, and I thought it was strange for him to be calling me after only 2 hours after the game started. Well, to make a long story short (and spare you all the gorry details) Jeff fractured his right hand while playing, and I had to go pick him up and take him to the hospital for x-rays.

We will try to get in to see the Ortho tomorrow, bottom line is there is no rest for the weary. There went what little help I had around here to try to stick to as much bed rest as possible. So keep your fingers crossed that it isn't too bad and Jeff will at least be able to change a few of Cooper's diapers here and there for me so I can keep up with the rest of the house!

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