Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As promised...

Every year we have dyed our Easter eggs. Well this year (thanks to an OOPS on my part) Jilly dyed hers, and Courtney painted hers. I got Jilly's because the kit had Princess stickers to put on after dying, and Courtney's was a glitter kit (but I didn't pay close attention to the fact that it was paint, but she liked it as much if not more than the dying...but she did use some of Jilly's left over dye on a few of her own!)
It was much easier this year because Jilly understood a little more what to do and was much easier to give directions to. She was able to do it all on her own (which is a little sad for the Mommy, she's not even 3 yet and so independent), and she had so much fun showing all of us the color as it was coming out of the glass. Courtney just kinda sat there, deep in concentration while she painted (I love watching my kids be crafty and creative I'm really looking forward to this summer when we get to sit down together and do fun crafty things, that is if Courtney isn't living out at the barn!!)

After a bath (more for a distraction while her eggs dried) Jilly got to put on her Princess stickers. A fun evening was had by all, and next year I'm sure Cooper will have her hands dirty in the dye as well!

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