Friday, April 3, 2009


So, we have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks sick...and I mean sick as dogs! I realised why I could never be a nurse...bring on the broken bones, the guts, the blood...but for the love if I ever have to hold hair back while someone gets sick again it will be too soon!!!

Everyone is feeling better, although Cooper does have a bit of a runny nose. We have just passed 24 hours of Jilly not getting sick and we are hoping to get her all better for Sunday. Her Aunt Sara and Uncle Billy are taking her and Blake to see Dora Live in DC. All I can hope for is no reports of projectile vomit from my kid.

Poor girl asked Jeff last night (Bug and I were at the barn to get ready for the show this weekend) if she could go to bed at 6:30, and he put her to bed. We didn't hear from her until 5:45 this morning. She got some much needed sleep that she had missed since Monday.

As for me, all I need is a 3 day nap and a visit from the cleaning fairy...wish me luck on those ever happening!

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