Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I almost forgot!

OK, so blame it on being pregnant and hormones, or the lack of sleep as of late, but I forgot to let you all know about Courtney's report card. She had the best report card since receiving letter grades in 4th grade. For the first time ever she earned an A in math (which is quite an accomplishment, due to the fact that she inherited my "math allergies"). She worked very hard this semester, and it showed when she came home with an A in every subject, and a B in history. Jeff and I are so incredibly happy and proud of how hard she has worked. As with anything we do, it's not about the grade (or ribbon) but the hard work you put into something. We have always told her that as long as she tries her best, and asks for help when she needs it, that we are always proud of her.

We have always done something special when she makes the honor roll. In 4th grade, every time a report card came home and she had all A's and B's, we would take her and a friend to Chuck-E-Cheese for a night of games. That seemed to get boring for her, so we decided that if she could make the honor roll for all of last year, she could pick a friend and go to Six Flags. (She and Macy had an absolute blast, we got there about 10 am, and left about 9 pm!) So now we have to decide if we do that again, or go in a different direction.

There is talk about getting her a new cell phone (right now it is just talk and she has no idea) (it's more a necessary evil than anything else in my opinion) if she can keep A's and B's for this last report card of the year. Seeing as how we are doing mostly SOL review at this point, as long as Bug still works hard, I don't think she'll have any problems at all.

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