Sunday, April 26, 2009

Horse show

Courtney went to another horse show this weekend, and she did a great job. In Pleasure she got one ribbon out of the 3 classes (it was a blue ribbon and there were 21 kids in the class!). Most importantly, she learned a few good lessons. Fay explained to her why she did not pin in the other 2 classes, and it was things Courtney wasn't aware of. I love that we now have a trainer who explains what was wrong and how to fix it (and in a way that makes Courtney feel good about herself) and there is never any yelling. (We love you Fay!!)

Moving on to Short Stirrup, there were 16 kids in that class, and she took 4th in the flat class. Then she and Moose did a warm-up jump round, and it was picture perfect. Then they went around for the first judged jump round, and things started to fall apart. They went for the first jump, and Courtney was off her game a bit (keep in mind that by this time of the day it was about 90 degrees, and she was very hot). She sat up a little early, and when she does that Moose won't take a jump, and you can tell when they are about 5 steps away from the jump, so he refused. They took another pass, and he refused the second time because she got up too soon again. They go for it a 3rd time, and she sat and they went over, and also cleared the other 3 jumps for the round. For the second judged jump round, they went wonderfully and took first place in the class (again keep in mind that there were 16 kids in the class). Because of the good flat class and the great second jump round, they won Reserve Champion for the division.

In my personal opinion, I think that Courtney puts a lot of pressure on herself to win ribbons (we have always told her we are there to have fun, and ribbons are a bonus for hard work). As much as she hates when I say this, she is her mother's almost any decision I make, it comes down to "Am I going to disappoint anyone with the decision that I am about to make?" We are both people pleasers, and we put too much pressure on ourselves to perform up to other peoples standards. Enough about Courtney's and my personalities, it's time for bed and get ready to start another week.

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